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Plastic Oil Tanks - Domestic

TRS are the region's leading supplier of domestic plastic oil tanks, delivering to Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex. We have a wide range of plastic oil tanks at very competitive prices in stock and ready for delivery. We also offer a comprehensive and professional oil tank installation service.

Bunded/Double Skin Plastic Heating Oil Tanks.

We carry a large stock of Bunded/Double skin plastic heating oil tanks. In a range of capacity/sizes that range from 1000 to 3500 litres. All Bunded/Double Skin tanks come with the industry wide 10 year warranty. We would expect this tank type to last 20 years plus. Whilst a more expensive product, Bunded/Double Skin tanks are regarded by the Environment Agency as the best type of tank available on the market today.

Stock Sizes

Slimline Horizontal Vertical
PBSL-1000-litre- 1.87m (L) x .63m (W) x 1.60m (H) P-BH-1360-litre- 1.87m (L) x 1.30m (W) x 1.35m (H) P-BV- 1360-litre 1.45 (Diameter) x 1.63m (H)
RBSL-1000-litre- 1.83m (L) x .61m (W) x 1.58m (H) A-BH-1300-litre- 1.80m (L) x 1.30m (W) x 1.30m (H) A-BV- 2300-litre 1.70 (Diameter) x 1.82m (H)
PBSL-1230-litre- 2.25m (L) x .91m (W) x 1.61m (H) P-BH-2000-litre- 2.23m (L) x 1.40m (W) x 1.42m (H)  P-BV- 2500-litre 1.90 (Diameter) x 1.63m (H)
ABSL-1400-litre- 2.13m (L) x .65m (W) x 1.62m (H) R-BH-2400-litre- 2.25m (L) x 1.45m (W) x 1.64m (H) A-BV- 3500-litre 2.13 (Diameter) x 1.60m (H)
  P-BH-2500-litre- 2.44m (L) x 1.48m (W) x 1.58m (H)  
Low Profile    
A-B-LP- 1200-litre 2.0m (L) x 1.40m (W) x 1.0m (H)    

Single Containment Plastic Heating Oil Tanks

We carry stock of single containment heating oil tanks. In a range of capacity/sizes that range from 1150 to 2500 litres. All single containment tanks come with the industry wide 2 year warranty. We would expect this tank type to last between 5 and 12 years. Single containment plastic tanks are the least expensive option when it comes to replacing your tank however serious consideration should be given to the longevity issues with this type of tank. Single containment tanks are not suitable for commercial or rental properties, in addition single containment tanks are not permissable if the tank is within 10mtrs of controlled water

Stock Sizes

Slimline Horizontal Vertical
ASL-1150-litre- 1.80m (L) x .71m (W) x 1.45m (H) A-H-1300-litre- 1.62m (L) x 1.10m (W) x 1.18m (H)  P-V- 1360-litre 1.20 (Diameter) x 1.45m (H) 
RSL-1200-litre-1.82m (L)  x .68m (W) x 1.41m (H) R-H-1350-litre- 1.72m (L) x 1.13m (W) x 1.30m (H) R-V- 1300-litre 1.20 (Diameter) x 1.45m (H)
  R-H-2400-litre- 2.05m (L) x 1.33m (W) x 1.36m (H) P-V- 2500-litre 1.65 (Diameter) x 1.45m (H)
  A-H-2500-litre- 2.00m (L) x 1.35m (W) x 1.40m (H)  
Low Profile    
A-LP- 1200-litre 1.80m (L) x 1.25m (W) x .90m (H)    

Please note: To be compliant with Oftec regulations, ALL new or replacement oil tanks are required to be installed on a supporting base that is 300mm longer at either end and 300mm wider on either side







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Wide Range In Stock

We have a wide range of size/capacities of both Bunded/Double Skin and Single Containment plastic oil tanks in stock. Capacities 1000 to 3200 litres

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Oil Tank Removal

Following the installation of your new replacement oil tank we will safely disconnect and remove your old oil tank for removal and recycling